Migration Status

This page sets forth the status of issues with the My McRoberts web portal that users reported following the migration that started on October 27th.
This page is updated daily. Last updated on 09 April 2021 – 12:25.

First things first
If My McRoberts displays the message that the DynaPort Manager is not installed, but you are sure that it is, please follow these instructions.
MoveTest is no longer operated using Bluetooth, but don’t worry, you can still control the device remotely while your subject performs the test(s). Connectivity issues are now a thing of the past.
The updated manuals:
MoveMonitor – Nederlands

Reported issues that we are working on.
We will strikethrough solved issues as soon as the fix is implemented. We would kindly ask you to not reach out to our support helpdesk if the issue you have can be found below. We are aware of the implications it has on your studies and clinical work, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. We try to solve all issues as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

1. Measurements start immediately Solved on 04 November 2020
2. When you first select a start date and time and then your project, subject and visit, the start date and time will be reset. Can be circumvented by selecting your project, subject and visit first and the selecting the start date and time.
3. Setting MoveTest markers does not always work as it should.
4. Subject codes are limited to 4 digits. Solved on 23 November
To change temporary registered subject data, please contact support@mcroberts.nl for more info. If you have prior experience using the Data Correction Form (DCF), you can download it here. This form needs to be wet ink signed and submitted to support@mcroberts.nl for McRoberts to make changes to your data.
5. Shared projects are not visible or reachable (e.g. project, subject & visit) for all shared users. Those who cannot add measurements to a project that they should have access to can create another project and add measurements to that project. Later on these measurements can be assigned to the correct project.
6. Not all data is visible in the data tab yet. Be assured that there is no data lost. All data will be restored. Solved on 12 December
7. Some users noticed that certain settings within their profile or protocol were altered. Solved on 01 December 2020
8. When you start a measurement and then navigate to that measurement within the Project (left hand side in Data tab), it has the status ‘Failed’. This is not the case! Measurements are always successfully configured if you get the message ‘DynaPort Successfully configured, you can now disconnect the DynaPort’ during measurement set-up. You can check the Project Log in het Project to verify this. This should state that a measurement was configured for the concerning patient.