“Can Do vs Do Do” in COPD

In 2015 the McRoberts Team together with Academic partners published a paper on a conceptual framework about the association between Physical Performance (PP) and Physical Activity (PA) in older adults. In this paper we showed that PP and PA are associated but separate domains of physical function in the elderly. This concept was further explored by researchers in the field of COPD. Patients were divided into four quadrants: (I) low Physical Capacity (PC), low PA, (II) preserved PC, low PA, (III) low PC, preserved PA and (IV) preserved PC, preserved PA. The goal of the study was to determine the distribution of patients over the quadrants, and to explore whether differences exist in clinical characteristic between these quadrants. Statistically significant differences between quadrants were found for all clinical characteristics, except for educational levels. It is concluded that the PC-PA Quadrant model may be useful in the understanding of the impaired physical functioning in COPD patients and therefore, may improve the selection of appropriate interventions to improve physical function. Link to full text

Can Do vs Do Do