• Measuring up to 14 days
  • Wide variety of sensors
  • 1 device on lower back
  • FDA registered and CE marked
  • Conform ISO-13485
  • Extensively validated
  • Platform for multicenter studies
  • Automatically analysed <15 minutes
  • 6 different analysis modules


McRoberts' MoveMonitor enables you to easily assess physical activity of your subjects. With one small device, worn in an elastic strap on the lower back, you will be able to measure your subjects’ physical activity for up to 14 days. The MoveMonitor consists of a hardware unit, web portal, and analysis modules. Collected data is automatically analysed within 15 minutes by our validated analysis modules, where after reports with results on body postures, locomotion and sleep movements are available.

Physical Activity

Being physically active is more and more acknowledged as a way to diminish or prevent disability. Objective and accurate information about the physical activities in a patient’s daily life is of fundamental importance for research as well as for clinical practice. Furthermore, the reports of the results facilitate patients' knowledge and self-management.

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Energy Expenditure

The energy expenditure (EE) of a man or woman over a whole day is often divided into different components and can be individually determined. These are: basal metabolic rate (BMR), diet induced thermo genesis (DIT), and physical activity (PA). The rates of EE during physical activity vary depending on intensity, duration, the frequency of the activity and on the body mass and fitness of the person performing the activity.

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Physical Activity Recommendations

The average Energy Expenditure (EE) of males and females over a whole day is decreasing. This decrease in physical activity raises major health concerns. Only a small percentage of men and women achieve the moderate activity guidelines; most are either sedentary or are only moderately active on an irregular basis. Half of all adults believe they are active enough to stay fit. An objective physical activity measure like the DynaPort MoveMonitor can provide conclusive answers on if exercise recommendations are actually met.

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Sleep Movements

A good night’s rest is essential to quality of life. Insufficient or poor quality sleep may result in drowsiness and loss of concentration, which adversely affects productivity and well-being during the day. After having sleep problems for an extended period of time, existing illness-related problems can worsen or cause extra difficulties for the patient. For patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, COPD, or from the effects of a CVA these are familiar problems. The Sleep Movements Module of the MoveMonitor classifies movement information during night’s rest.

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Clinical Reference

A report for use in daily clinical practice was developed in collaboration with researchers and physicians in the field of COPD and Asthma. The report provides a small set of parameters with reference values of COPD patients and can serve as a feedback tool for patients with COPD or Asthma. The coloring of the outcomes makes it easy to quickly identify how active a patient is and to see how he or she scores compares to its peers.

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Patient Feedback

The Patient Feedback report offers the most comprehensive and accessible overview of a week of activities. A Gantt chart reflects all postures and performed activities during the week and the corresponding MET-levels indicate the associated intensity levels. Daily routine and activity patterns can be easily identified and fed back to the patient. This report is especially useful to provide your patient insight in his or her behavior and to evaluate behavioral changes.

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Technical specifications


  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Maximum measurement duration
  • Storage medium
  • 106.6 x 58 x 11.5mm
  • 55 grams
  • 14 days
  • 1 Gb Flash memory


  • Triaxial accelerometer
  • Triaxial magnetometer
  • Barometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • * = default setting
  • Sample frequency
  • 50,100*,200 Hz
  • 10 Hz
  • 1 Hz
  • 1 Hz
  • Sensor range
  • ± 2,4,8* g
  • ±1000 μT
  • 300-1100 hPa
  • °C
  • Sensor resolution
  • 0.25,0.5,1* mg
  • 0.10 μT
  • 0.01 hPa
  • 0.1 °C

Other features

  • Internal clock for time and date registration
  • LED indication about system status
  • USB connector for charging and communication

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