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McRoberts is an innovative and flexible organization with 25 years of experience, and one of the leaders in ambulatory monitoring of physical activity. We apply our knowledge of human movement and analysis of raw data to facilitate simple solutions in healthcare, pharmacy and research for evaluating physical functioning.

Founder and former CEO of McRoberts is Rob van Lummel. His interest in the combination of movement, technology and ICT resulted in the foundation of McRoberts in 1988. In cooperation with scientific partners, epoch-making work has been realized in the development of ambulatory monitoring of physical activity. His wife, Corinne Meurs, who has been an active physiotherapist, joined the company as VP in 2006. In September 2018, after leading our company successfully for 30 years, Rob and Corinne have decided to withdraw from daily management. A young and dynamic team will take over and maintain our tradition of continuous improvement and development. Rob will still contribute to strategic development as Chairman.


This is what our customers and partners say about us ...

McRoberts is an important partner for many of our translational research projects”, says Kim Delbaere, Principal Research Scientist – Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre – at Neuroscience Research Australia. “Our research focus is on…

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Kim Delbaere, PhD

Our group has been collecting data from community-dwelling older adults using devices made by McRoberts for more than 5 years”, says Aron Buchman, Professor of Neurological Sciences, Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center in Chicago. “It has been a…

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Aron Buchman, MD

McRoberts is a very important partner for The Hague University of Applied Sciences”, says Willem Looije, Program Manager (The Netherlands). “Since the beginning in 1992, students of our program Human Kinetic Technology are learning and working…

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Willem Looije

For several years McRoberts and I are collaborating in neuromuscular and aging research,” says Andrea Maier, Professorial Fellow Medicine and Aged Care, University of Melbourne, Australia & Hoogleraar veroudering, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.…

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Andrea Maier, PhD, MD

As the Scientific Coordinator of Moving Beyond, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Rob van Lummel and the McRoberts company, for their obviously extensive engagement in the network,” says Walter Maetzler, Department for Neurodegenerative…

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Walter Maetzler, PhD, MD

I read your paper in PLOS One, based on measurements made with the DynaPort MoveMonitor. Very nice work and a substantial advance in the field…

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Richard Casaburi, PhD, MD

Since 2012 we have collected over 1000 weeks of gait and activity of daily living data using McRoberts devices with excellent (99%) compliance,” says Professor Stephen Lord, Senior Principal Research Fellow – Falls, Balance and Injury Research…

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Stephen Lord, PhD

I began working with McRoberts in 2010, finally finding first rate engineers who also were provoked because objective measures of physical activity were not common in clinical research studies for regulatory approval of new therapies,” says Stephen…

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Stephen Raymond, PhD

We love to work with McRoberts for their outstanding products and services in the area of assessment of physical functioning both in health as in patients with pulmonary diseases,” says Dr. Alex van ‘t Hul, Managing Director COPDnet, Radboudumc…

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Alex van ‘t Hul, PhD

In the field of activity assessment, McRoberts was known to us from the IMI PROactive project as having a genuine scientific interest in activity assessment and openness to get involved in development of new measures and principles,” says Alan…

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Alan Hamilton, PhD

2019-2024 IMI DIAMOND

The title of the five-year project is ‘Linking digital assessment of mobility to clinical endpoints to drive regulatory acceptance and clinical practice’.

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Martijn Niessen, PhD Chief Executive Officer
Jordi Evers, MSc Chief Marketing Officer
Marieke Heida, MSc Business Development Manager
Sem Lagerberg, MSc Account Manager Project Manager
Hans de Raad Chief Technology Officer
Erik Ainsworth, MSc Senior Software Engineer
Bas Huijben, MSc Data Scientist Software Engineer
Siete Frouws, BEng Data Manager Software Engineer
Aki Kunikoshi, PhD Data Scientist
Rick van der Ploeg, BSc Technical Support Engineer


You can find us at the following events. Feel free to visit our booth (indicated with the icon).



Mobile in Clinical Trials
24 Sep, 2018
Boston, USA

This 5th Annual Mobile in Clinical Trials event presents the latest progress in applying mobile and digital tools to connect and empower patients, while obtaining better outcomes in drug development.

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ERS International Congress
15 Sep, 2018

The ERS International Congress is the largest respiratory meeting in the world that brings together professionals from all areas of respiratory medicine. The event boasts an outstanding scientific and educational programme to address the needs of researchers, clinicians, general practitioners and allied health professionals.

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Digital Biomarkers in Clinical Trials Summit
20 Jun, 2018
Basel, Switzerland

McRoberts will exhibit at the first global forum of its kind to focus on ways for pharma clinical trials to take advantage of new opportunities to collect better data and improve the patient experience; as well as how these new digital health tools supplement existing biomarker strategies.

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Mobile in Clinical Trials EU
15 May, 2018
London, U.K.

We will exhibit at Mobile in Clinical Trials in London – a conference where you get access to the best combination of industry talent to help you understand how to launch, execute and scale mobile tools in medicines development!
Together with pharmaceutical and patient advocacy leaders we will share vision and ideas for new achievements in drug development through the adoption of mobile/digital tools.

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Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe
28 Nov, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The MoveMonitor and MoveTest are widely used in fundamental and clinical research. Three recent studies are presented below. Browse our full list of peer-reviewed publications here.

The association between age and accelerometry-derived types of habitual daily activity: an observational study over the adult life span in the Netherlands

Kimberley S. van Schooten, Jaap H. van Dieen , Mirjam Pijnappels, Andrea B. Maier, Alex J. van ‘t Hul, Martijn Niessen and Rob C. van Lummel
Jul 2018

This paper describes how the habitual types of physical activity and sedentary behaviour associate with age, to provide more detailed insight into the variation in physical activity across the lifespan.

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The effects of dual tasking on gait synchronization during over-ground side-by-side walking

Ari Z. Zivotofsky, Hagar Bernad-Elazari, Pnina Grossman, Jeffrey M. Hausdorff
Jun 2018

This study employed a dual tasking paradigm in order to investigate the role attention plays in gait synchronization.

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Free-living and laboratory gait characteristics in patients with multiple sclerosis

Fabio A. Storm , K. P. S. Nair, Alison J. Clarke, Jill M. Van der Meulen, Claudia Mazzà
May 2018

The aim of this study was to characterise gait in both laboratory and daily life conditions for a group of patients with moderate to severe ambulatory impairment due to Multiple Sclerosis. To this purpose, algorithms to detect and characterise gait from wearable inertial sensors data were also validated.

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