• 1 device on lower back
  • 6 standardized tests
  • Temporal and kinematic outcomes
  • Customized test protocols
  • FDA registered and CE marked
  • Conform ISO-13485
  • Platform for multi-center studies
  • Automatically analysed <15 minutes
  • Graphical and Database output


McRoberts' MoveTest enables you to do short physical performance tests using a single device worn on the lower back. A pre-defined protocol facilitates efficient execution of a series of physical performance tests. The MoveTest consists of a hardware unit, web portal, and analysis modules. Collected data is automatically analysed within 15 minutes by our validated analysis modules, where after reports with test scores, kinematics and spatiotemporal outcomes are available.

Six Minute Walk Test

In clinical care the Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) is widely used for measuring functional exercise capacity. Traditionally the total distance walked in 6 minutes is the only outcome measure of the 6MWT. By using the DynaPort MoveTest, the distance is automatically calculated and the outcome is related to several norm references. Additionally, instrumenting the subject with the DynaPort MoveTest enables one to gain insight in performance on spatiotemporal gait parameters. For example parameters such as walking speed, step frequency and step length and their variation over time become available. Such additional insights enables analysis of one’s physical performance in a detailed and personalized manner.

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Sit to Stand Test

Getting up from a chair is an important aspect of ADL. The Sit-to-Stand (STS) assessment is widely used for evaluating a person's ability to stand up from a chair. Traditionally, the time needed for 5 repeated chair rises is the only parameter that is measured. However, research with force plates and camera systems has shown that a qualitative evaluation based on kinematic movement parameters can yield many new insights. McRoberts' Sit to Stand analysis enables you to obtain such a qualitative evaluation unobtrusively.

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A good and commonly used way to assess quality of gait is the assessment of spatiotemporal gait parameters under supervised conditions. Typically large and expensive research set-ups are required in order to obtain such detailed parameters. The GaitTest instrumented by the MoveTest offers a convenient and relatively cheap solution. The GaitTest is executed using a straight walking trajectory over a customizable distance to fit the available space.

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The traditional way of evaluating a person's balance is by estimating the displacement of the Center of Pressure (COP), which is acquired with a force platform. Force/pressure platforms use the ground reaction force of the subject to calculate COP displacement. This COP displacement is then used to evaluate Center of Mass (CoM) movements. This can be regarded as an indirect approach. Moreover, the necessary equipment for this is expensive and not portable. With the MoveTest body sway module COM accelerations and angular velocities can be measured directly and in any location.

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Timed Up & Go Test

The Timed Up & Go (TUG) consists of a sequence of activities of daily living: namely rising from a chair (Sit-To-Stand), gait initiation, walking, turning and sitting down on a chair (Stand-To-Sit).Traditionally, hand-clocked time is administered when assessing the TUG. With the DynaPort MoveTest the individual components of the TUG and the trunk kinematics can be measured separately, so also movement quality can be evaluated. McRoberts' TUG analysis enables you to obtain such a qualitative evaluation unobtrusively.

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Short Physical Performance Battery

The Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) is a well-known and sensitive performance test which combines the results of 3 balance tests, a gait speed test and a chair stand test into one score. Hand-clocked durations are used to indicate the performance capacity for individual components which are scaled to a grade between 0 and 4 and add up to a score between 0 and 12. The DynaPort MoveTest is remotely controlled and can therefore be used to automatically calculate the scores. However, the separate components can also be qualitatively analysed with the other MoveTest modules.

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Technical specifications


  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Storage medium
  • 106.6 x 58 x 11.5mm
  • 55 grams
  • 1 Gb Flash memory


  • Triaxial accelerometer
  • Triaxial gyroscope
  • Triaxial magnetometer
  • Barometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • * = default setting
  • Sample frequency
  • 50,100*,200 Hz
  • 100*,200 Hz
  • 10 Hz
  • 1 Hz
  • 1 Hz
  • Sensor range
  • ± 2,4,8* g
  • ± 250,500,2000* dps
  • ±1000 μT
  • 300-1100 hPa
  • °C
  • Sensor resolution
  • 0.25,0.5,1* mg
  • 8.75,17.50,70* dps
  • 0.10 μT
  • 0.01 hPa
  • 0.1 °C

Other features

  • Internal clock for time and date registration
  • LED indication about system status
  • USB connector for charging and communication

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