A LED is blinking on my device. What does it mean?

Blinking or continuously lit LED's on your device indicate various statuses:

  1. Green blinking LED: The device is charging when connected via USB. In case of the
    MoveMonitor(+), the device is blinking for 10 seconds directly after disconnecting the device when a measurement is programmed to start in the future. The first 5 minutes of the actual measurement the device will also blink.
  2. Green LED is lit continuously while connected via USB: The device's battery is fully charged.
  3. Red LED blinking: Battery is low.
  1. Blue blinking LED: The device has battery power and is looking for a bluetooth connection. Establishing a Bluetooth connections is not needed
  2. Blue LED is lit continuously: There is an active Bluetooth connection between the device and the computer. Please disconnect this bluetooth connection since this connection has become obsolete since our October 2020 update.
  3. Blue LED is blinking/shining continuously and Green LED is blinking: The MT device is measuring. If no Bluetooth connection is established, only the green light should be blinking
  4. Blue and green LED's are shining continuously: there is an internal error. Please contact the Support team. Please mention the device ID.
  5. Red LED blinking: Battery is low.