Why is my measurement stated as failed?

When you upload your measurement on the website, it can happen that your measurement is stated as failed. There are several reasons why a measurement is stated as failed:

The protocol is not executed correctly or protocol items have not been used (skipped). When a protocol item has not been used during a DynaPort MoveTest measurement, the complete measurement will be marked as failed. If you have a failed MoveTest measurement, please check the results of the measurement to see whether the reports you need were generated. The reports can be found by using the 'jump to a subject' field in the data tab.

The measurement is still running. This is only applicable when you search in the data tab under "jump to subject". Please refer to the data tab overview to see if your measurement is ready for upload.

When the above do not apply, something else may have occurred during the analysis of the measurement. In this case, please contact support@mcroberts.nl. This requires further investigation.