McRoberts at ERS Congress in Milan, 10-13 Sep

Traditionally, McRoberts will be present at the annual ERS Congress, this year in beautiful Milan! We are proud to demonstrate new updates for both MoveMonitor and MoveTest. A few updates are highlighted below.

Please visit our booth to learn more about our new and current hardware and software. You can find us in booth H.02, at the main aisle!

Stair Walking

Climbing stairs is often mentioned as one of the activities that COPD patients experience most difficulties with (Dobbels et al., 2014). McRoberts developed analysis software to gain better insight in this demanding task. A recent paper demonstrated that physical performance and physical activity are related but separate domains of physical function. For this reason we developed software to assess both quantity and quality of stair walking.


We presented the development of our cycling detection, using one sensor on the lower back, at the ERS Congress in 2015. This new detection method, together with a newly developed stair walking detection, are now implemented in our latest MoveMonitor software, making it more precise than ever before.

For both new classes of activity the number of periods, temporal statistics and energy expenditure measures are calculated.

Click here for an example of the new MoveMonitor report.


Stair walking can be assessed qualitatively using the MoveTest The MoveTest combines well known standardized performance tests with sensor technology for assessing Physical Performance under supervised conditions.

McRoberts’ Stair Test calculates spatiotemporal parameters for each step and for the entire flight of stairs, both during ascent and descent. Furthermore, power developed by the subject during these phases is calculated.

Click here for an example of the new Stair Test report.