Preparing the device for a measurement

Charging the device

It is important to charge the DynaPortd shortly before starting a measurement to ensure maximal measurement capacity. If the battery runs empty during the measurement, the measurement will prematurely stop.

Battery life

In order to protect the Lithium-Ion battery in this product, devices should be stored in a fully charged state in low ambient temperatures. Devices in prolonged storage should be recharged to this level every three months.

How to charge

The device can be charged by connecting it to a PC or USB adapter with the supplied USB cable. Multiple devices can be charged at once by using a powered USB-hub. Charging takes up to 5 hours for MM(+) and 3 hours for DP7 devices.


After the device has been connected to a power source for 5 minutes, the device will go into battery saving mode. The green blinking light will turn off, but the device will still be charging.

LED status

While the DynaPort is connected the LEDs give information about the charging status.


Blinking green means that the device is currently charging. The green LED on means that the device is fully charged.


Red blinking = low battery

Orange blinking = 5-75%

Green blinking = 75-95% or a measurement has just started (only the first few minutes)

Green steady = 95-100%

Blue = Connected to PC


Starting a measurement

The DynaPort needs to be programmed in order to measure.

Devices tab

When you connect a DynaPort to your computer a green (MM & DP7) or brown (MM+) information tile will appear for each connected device in the Devices tab. The tile displays the device number (lower left corner), the battery status (upper left corner), and that it is connected via USB (upper right corner).

Make sure to give Windows some time to recognize the device and install drivers, this will happen automatically. Only then the DynaPort Manager can connect successfully to any DynaPort devices.

Choose a device

Click on a tile (device) to start a new measurement with that device. You can also directly select the Measure tab to do this.

Select measurement characteristics

Select the starting time of the measurement; this can either be now or later. Thereafter, a measurement duration should be selected. The maximal measurement duration for each DynaPort type is:

MM - 15 full days

MM+ - 7 full days

DP7 - 5 full days

NOTE: for DP7 devices intermediate charging is possible to allow measurements with a longer measurement duration. Contact McRoberts for more information regarding intermediate charging.

Project and subject characteristics

Add or select a project, subject and visit in order to start a measurement.

  • Using different projects is useful for organizing your data.
  • Subject characteristics have to be added for each new subject.
  • Visits refer to different measuring moments. If there is only one measuring moment (visit), fill in a random number as visit number and in the future this visit number will appear as a default setting.


The device can be started with the 'START MEASUREMENT'-button when all the necessary information for a new measurement has been supplied. The device can be disconnected from the computer when the program notifies you to do so. After disconnecting, the LEDs will blink for about 10 seconds after which the DynaPort will go into standby mode. When the selected start time is reached the DynaPort will start measuring. During the first few minutes of the measurement the green LED will blink.

When data of a previous measurement is found on the device the program will ask to format the device prior to starting a new measurement. Note that cleaning the device removes all data from the DynaPort. When the data from the previous measurement has already been uploaded to the MyMcRoberts web portal your data is save and removing it from the device is recommended.

Wearing the device

The device should be worn around the waist, at the middle of the lower back. The engraved McRoberts logo should be readable and the waist belt should be on the inside. It can be worn directly on the skin or over a thin layer of clothes. Please note that the DynaPort is not waterproof, so it is not suitable for showering, bathing or swimming.