Preparing the device for a measurement

Charging the device

It is important to charge the DynaPort MT to ensure maximal measurement capacity. If the battery runs empty during the measurement, the measurement will prematurely stop.

How to charge

The device can be charged by connecting it to a computer with the supplied USB cable. Multiple devices can be charged at once by using a powered USB-hub. Charging takes up to 5 hours.


LED status

The Green LED gives information about the charging status while the DynaPort MT is connected via USB. When the green LED is blinking the device is charging and when the green LED burns constantly the device is fully charged.

Setting up a measurement

Devices tab

Connect your DynaPort MT using a USB cable. A dark green information tile will appear in the Devices tab for each connected DynaPort MT. The tile displays the device number (lower left corner), the battery status (upper left corner). Make sure to give Windows some time to recognize the device and install drivers, this will happen automatically. Only then can the DynaPort manager connect successfully to any DynaPort devices.

Choose a device

Click on a tile (device) to start a new measurement with that device. You can also directly select the Measure tab to do this.

Select the DynaPort MT that you want to use from the drop-down menu if you choose the latter option.

Project and subject characteristics

Add or select a project, subject and visit in order to start a measurement.

  • Using different projects is useful for organizing your data.
  • Subject characteristics have to be added for each new subject.
  • Visits refer to different measuring moments. If there is only one measuring moment (visit), fill in a random number as visit number and in the future this visit number will appear as a default setting.

Click 'Start measurement' when all fields are filled. If an old measurement is found on the device, it should be 'cleaned' first.


Select the protocol you want to use for a measurement from the appearing drop-down menu.

Only the generic protocol will be available if you do not make use of customized protocols. Please contact for information about customized protocols.