Boehringer Ingelheim – PHYSACTO 1237.16

Study details:

PHYSACTO explored the effects of bronchodilator therapy and exercise training, when added to a behavioral modification program, on exercise capacity and physical activity levels in patients with COPD.

This was an exploratory, randomized, partially double-blinded, placebo-controlled, phase IIIb, parallel group, multicenter and multinational clinical trial where 304 patients were randomized for 12 weeks in 4 different treatment groups.

Patients were using McRoberts DynaPort MoveMonitor 3 times for one week in the trial for activity assessment.

Study objectives include evaluating the amount of physical activity as measured with the activity monitor.

Study endpoints include:

  • - Steps per day
  • - Average daily walking time and walking intensity measured by the activity monitor
  • - Several other exploratory parameters that would help to understand and target the meaningful change of activity in such interventions.