COPD trial run by a global, science-led biopharmaceutical

COPD trial run by a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that spans the discovery, development, manufacturing, distribution and worldwide commercialisation of medicines.

Study details:

The DynaPort MoveMonitor was used in a Phase IV pharmaceutical trial to search for the efficacy of a COPD drug.

For this multicentre and multinational clinical trial 268 patients were randomized.

Secondary Objectives included evaluating the effect of the medication on exercise capacity and physical activity before and after behavioral intervention compared with placebo in patients with COPD.

The MoveMonitor was worn continuously day and night during at least 7 days to measure the physical activity of the patient.

The efficacy of the drug was assessed by means of the following tests and parameters: the physical activity parameters and the PROactive questionnaire were collected by means of the MoveMonitor and the e-diary respectively.

Parameters collected with the MoveMonitor:

  1. Physical activity parameters, being duration of lying,
  2. sitting, standing, walking, shuffling, not worn and worn, number of steps and Movement Intensity.
  3. Energy expenditure: Activity-related Energy Expenditure, Total Energy Expenditure, Physical Activity Ratio and Physical Activity Level.
  4. Sleep movements: Total sleep duration, Total movement time, Mean movement intensity and Times out of bed.
  5. PA recommendations.