PROactive COPD

The aim of the 5-year European IMI project PROactive (Physical Activity as a Crucial Patient Reported Outcome in COPD) is to develop and validate patient reported outcome (PRO) tools to investigate dimensions of physical activity that are judged as being essential by patients.

The project is guided by a consortium that comprises 19 partners, including 8 major pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, SMEs and patient organizations. After extensive validation our MoveMonitor was favourably chosen by the PROactive consortium to assess physical activity in COPD patients. (Van Remoortel, 2012; Rabinovich, 2013)

The inability of patients with COPD to participate in daily physical activities is an important consequence of COPD, thus representing a daily challenge to patients. Improvement of the ability to participate in physical activity with minimum symptoms is a very important patient-centred target for treatments and other interventions in COPD.

PROactive seeks to address this significant gap, through the development of PRO tools that capture patient daily physical activity in a way that maximally reflect COPD patient experiences in dimensions considered most relevant by the patient.

The PROactive project was successfully concluded in 2016.