The Finish Line: Mobilise-D Concluded!

Last Friday marked the final day of the IMI project Mobilise-D; the largest project in the world on Digital Mobility Outcomes. It was truly a pleasure and honour to be part of this amazing consortium.

Mobilise-D is by far the largest project we’ve ever been part of. Excellent leadership and highly skilled people made this project to a huge success.

After 5 years this project comes to an end. 5 years in which incredible progress has been made in this space. We believe that digital biomarkers have the potential to revolutionize healthcare and clinical trials. Mobilise-D, with its set of validated Digital Mobility Outcomes, will contribute significantly to this revolution.

A list of achievements from the past 5 years:

  • • We supported 22 study sites for 3 years with data collection of about 2.500 subjects in the Clinical Validation Study
  • • 20.000 datasets were collected and analysed using our MyMcRoberts web portal
  • • We provided MoveMonitor and MoveTest results for all collected data to the consortium
  • • McRoberts requested qualification advice on behalf of the consortium for Digital Mobility Outcomes at the European Medicines Agency, which resulted in two Letters of Support from the EMA.
  • • We implemented the Mobilise-D algorithm into our analytics pipeline to analyse new and old data the Mobilise-D way. We support both DynaPort and Axivity sensor data.

The newly formed SUSTAIN consortium will continue for another two years to analyse the massive amounts of data collected in this project. Also, RCTs will be conducted to show how useful these novel endpoints are in clinical research.