Physical Activity and Performance Monitoring

We facilitate the use of our monitors in three distinct markets: in clinical care, clinical trials and research. Our web-based platform for communication with the DynaPort systems and data storage is flexible and allows to smoothly collect and manage data for all type of users.


Our new DynaPort systems offer a wide variety of sensors which allows for detailed analysis of daily activity and physical performance. We offer both analysis modules for automatic processing of data and a solution to analyse data with self-developed algorithms.

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Clinical Trials

The DynaPort systems are registered as a Class I Medical Device with the American Food and Drug Authority and the European Medicines Agency and are validated in various field by renowned scientist. Our dedicated platform is built to support multi-center, multi-country studies in accordance with the highest safety regulatory demands.

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Clinical Care

Evidence grows that physical activity is one of the best predictors of morbidity and mortality in chronic and geriatric patients. Reliably measuring physical activity is the first step to effective interventions that help those people improve their physical activity levels and hence increase their quality of life and extend life expectancy.

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The MoveMonitor will enable you to easily assess the physical activity status of your subjects. With one small device, worn in an elastic strap on the lower back, you will be able to measure your subjects’ physical activity for up to 14 days. The MoveMonitor consists of a hardware unit, managing software, and one or more chosen analysis modules, accessible through our web service.

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With the MoveTest you will be able to do short physical performance tests using one single device to be attached around the waist of the subject. Dedicated software will assist you in efficiently performing a pre-defined test protocol. The MoveTest consists of a hardware unit, managing software, and one or more chosen modules, accessible through our web service.

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